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uMore Practice is the ultimate solution for you to simplify admin tasks while providing the best possible care to your patients.
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Why umore

uMore helps your clients thrive

We understand that managing a practice can be challenging, especially when it comes to managing patient information, scheduling appointments, and keeping track of treatment plans. That's where uMore Practice comes in – our innovative platform streamlines these processes and allows you to focus on what you do best – providing quality care to your patients.

For your clients

All your clients get access to our engaging app

Empower your clients to stay accountable for how they feel outside your therapy sessions with the uMore app.

Mood check-in and psychometric surveys

Clients can self-monitor with mood assessments and stress, anxiety and depression surveys.

Tracking patterns over time

Clients can track changes in their well-being and identify what triggers their emotions.

Self-care library

Clients will gain access to our self-care library of many evidence-based exercises.

In app online sessions

Clients can view upcoming appointments and join through video and audio calls.


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We believe that our platform can help you provide better care to your clients. By simplifying administrative tasks, providing a client health dashboard and offering a patient app, we're empowering therapists and private practices to provide care that better meets their clients' needs.


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"My life is much easier!"

uMore is a solution to all the things that I can't stand about being a psychologist. My life is much easier! 

Dr. Jennifer Glasser

"I love it!"

uMore is like having a secretary, a researcher and a business consultant all in one, for a tiny fraction of the cost. I love it!

Dr. Pamela Varady

"You feel like you're really listened to."

The most user-friendly, creative, and innovative app to help you master your mental health challenges. With dynamic personalised features, you won't feel alone on your journey to self-care and optimal wellbeing - you'll feel like you are really being listened to, and understood.

Dr. Melanie Schlatter
Clinical Health Psychologist

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