Webtech X Webflow Template

Presenting Webtech X, the ultimate SaaS & Technology Webflow Template.

Blog V1 - Fintech X Webflow Template

What is included in Webtech X

Webtech X Webflow Template includes over 30 pages in total, with more than 70 sections, and 3 different Home pages, 3 Blog pages, and 3 Features pages.

30+ Pages
70+ Sections
25+ Styles & Symbols
Figma file included

Send us an email to webtechx@brixtemplates.com with your purchase receipt, and we will send you the editable Figma file for the Webtech X template.

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The Webtech X Webflow Template also comes with more surprises...

3 Headers and Footers

With a total of 3 different headers and footers, you can easily customize the Webtech X Webflow Template to fit your company needs and requirements.

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3 Notification Bars

If you are looking to get more sales, use one of our 3 notification bars included in the Webtech X Webflow Template, and start promoting your products or services.

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Custom Icon Set

The Webtech X Webflow Template includes 3 sets of custom icons (rounded, square and filled), so you can easily use more icon fonts in your template.

No matter if you are looking to add another social media icon in the footer, or change the cart icon in the header, we got you covered.

Social Media Assets

Our Webtech X Webflow Template Figma file includes a collection of social media covers that match with the Webflow Template design (for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn), so you can easily edit, customize, and use them for your own social media profiles.

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Email Signature

Our Webtech X Webflow Template Figma file includes 2 custom email signature templates that match with the Webflow template, and you can use them to impress your customers with an amazing email signature.

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